Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

When I was watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, I realized that it has been over a year since nompoki was first created. I also noticed that our Valentine’s Day post has been one of the most popular comics. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (literally just a week away!), I decided to re-post this goodie for everyone to see again. Hope you enjoy the comic, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with a significant other or with friends and family :)

You Melt My Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you share this with your loved ones or just share it cause it’s cute!

You can find desktop wallpapers for this image in the extras section.

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Security is more important than ever for Android apps

During the end of Google I/O, engineers offered up some basic tips so that developers can safeguard their apps, and therefore users, against malware attack. The session in which the announcements were made was about Android security and privacy, and during it Android security engineer Jon Larimer talked about the growing security concerns and risks that both app developers and customers are experiencing at the moment. He made it clear that apps should be respecting the data on Android devices, as people do not tend to like giving out personal information to strangers.

Larimer warned listeners that every part of an app could potentially be used to access personal data, if the user is not protecting themselves in the right way. Everyone who uses apps should think about this, malware attacks can take place when you are not even using your Android app, instead playing foxy bingo or writing documents on your computer. This can happen when a security vulnerability in an app allows others to access your information.

However, apps do not have to make their users vulnerable. In fact, Larimer said that it can actually be easier for a developer to write an Android app that is secure, rather than one that is insecure. He told the audience that developer account security should be maintained, which would mean that your apps are not being published by other people on your behalf. Developers should also be using Google Authenticator, so that everything can be kept secure under two-factor authentication. According to Google engineers, developers should upload a privacy policy for their app. This will ensure that users are made aware of how their data will be used. The safeguarding of information is very important and if we all work together, then there is a chance that we can protect ourselves and those around us from malware attack.

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Meet our new team!

Hello everyone! Happy belated new year and lunar new year!  Hope life has been great!

Life at nompoki has been busy. We’ve been making a lot of progress on our game, and are excited to release some previews and sneak peeks of what we’ve gotten sometime in the (hopefully near) future.

Let me introduce you to the whole team:

Cliff - That’s me! I’ve been dreaming about this game for nompoki for over a year now, and I’m excited that we’re making so much progress! I am a web programmer and soon-to-be dental student, and manage a free dental clinic in San Diego.

Jenny - she does bits and pieces everywhere, as well as being our design and UI go-to girl. Check out her portfolio!

Chris – Our trusty programmer! All the progress we’ve been making on the game we have Chris to thank!

Kathy - Our artist. She has been cranking out character sketches and game sprites like no other! nompoki’s style will be changing, but for the better! You can check out her tumblr and deviantart for some of her work.


Since we all have day jobs, we don’t have as much time as we’d hope to put into nompoki, but no worries – we are getting things done and will continue working hard. Stay tuned for future updates, and possibly some snapshots of what we’ve been working on!

Of course, if you ever have any questions or just wanna chat, you can contact us at twitter @nompoki, or shoot us an email at life@nompoki.com!

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